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Live Q&As : A collaborative discussion about HR and Compliance


Live Q&As : A collaborative discussion about HR and Compliance

18 Sep 2021
Compliance Hub

The pandemic has provided the opportunity for many to revisit their business strategy and clarify their goals.   


When transitioning to a high-performance practice that delivers clinical excellence, one of the greatest challenges is the creation of an organized process; from the time a patient first calls the practice to the delivery of optimum restorative dentistry. In order for this to happen, not only do the technical abilities of the dentist have to grow, but the organizational, managerial and communication skills of the entire team must be aligned to support the vision.


This presentation is designed for the dentist and all key business and clinical team members.

The purpose is for the team to come home with a unified vision of the new process including how to schedule, knowledge of the specific roles of each team member, the required phone and chair side verbal and a systematic approach to case presentation.

  • By the end of this session you should be able to:
  • Deliver more efficient and effective patient care
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Position your practice for success
Karen Penfold, Managing Director - Agilio Dental
Victoria Marsden, Inspection Manager - Care Quality Commission
Tracy Stuart, Mind-set Coach - NBS Training
Alex O'Neill, Head of Compliance - Agilio

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