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Disabled Access in Dental Practice – What you have to do


Disabled Access in Dental Practice – What you have to do

17 Sep 2021
Compliance Hub
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Do we need to have a stair lift, tactile signs, ramps or a disabled toilet? How do I justify that an adjustment isn’t ‘reasonable’?


Agilio’s 2000 member practices ask these questions regularly on our helpline, so we’ve decided to help the profession demystify the rules around disabled access and clarify how you should approach your annual audit. 


The Equality Act mandates that we regularly assess our practices and make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for team members and patients, however many managers and practice owners struggle to understand the rules and requirements in this critical compliance area. 



In this presentation Ian Eggleton (Disabled Access Consultant) will help you to understand your legal duties, what you have to do in order to meet them, and how to satisfy any inspector. Perfect for practice managers and owners. By the end of the session you will have increased your knowledge of this often misunderstood topic, can train your team and improve the quality of your annual access reviews.

  • By the end of this session you should be able to:
  • Train your team on disabled access principles
  • Explain ‘reasonable adjustments’ and justify your decisions
  • Improve the quality of your access audits, reducing risks
Ian Eggleton, Director - Evans Jones Ltd

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