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Passing CQC Assessment in 2022


Passing CQC Assessment in 2022

18 Sep 2021
Compliance Hub
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The CQC review their approach to assessing practices on a 5 yearly cycle and 2021 has seen the release of a new strategy promising ‘smarter regulation’. What this means practically is still unclear, with the CQC outlining some of their initial thoughts at the compliance hub this year.

What seems apparent is that the CQC will most likely ‘assess’ practices more often, that this assessment will be remote and could either form part of a self-audit, a digital inspection, or (most likely) both at different frequencies. They may also focus on less information and prioritise areas they feel are more critical to patient safety.

The regulations, however, haven’t changed and practices will still need to have key evidence on hand and the right culture in place to ensure that they are running a practice that meets legislation and the KLOEs. The 2015-2020 inspection period has taught us some valuable lessons regarding running a practice.

In this presentation Alex will look at past and present information, drawing from research, inspection reports, consultations and experience to highlight what you will need to do in 2022, explain how to avoid common mistakes and discuss the likely shape of CQC assessments in the future.

  • By the end of this session you should be able to:
  • Improve compliance management in your practice
  • Prepare for changes to CQC assessment
  • Avoid common errors and focus on critical matters
Alex O'Neill, Head of Compliance - Agilio

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