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Discover London

Discover London

Let your hair down in London 

London is a vast city with plenty of hidden gems as well known tourist locations that are full of history, beauty and fun. Olympia London is no different so once you have taken in all your can at the show there is plenty to explore in the surrounding area so why not make it a weekend away and not a business trip.

If you are a true Londoner or a first-timer there is always more to discover in London.  We have pulled together a list of our top recommendations to visit in the local area to take in everything that Olympia has to offer and more. We will include our top pick and the best ways to get there so all you have to do is chose which one looks best.

Our Top Tip's

Penny pinching

Come prepared


Free Wifi

Portobello Market

Brook Green

Kensington’s High street

Kensington Palace and Park

Blythe House


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