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Botulinum Toxin Club

Botulinum Toxin Club

Stand: G80
  • Facial Aesthetics
  • Training and Seminars
Botulinum Toxin Club

Dr Harry Singh’s story is a reflection of how many dentists are looking to introduce facial aesthetics into their dental business. He started offering facial aesthetics 20 years ago in his very successful dental business. However he became disappointed and loss his passion for aesthetics as he dint know how to market and sell these aesthetics services to his patients. He tried every marketing strategy and it wasn’t working. He struggled for many years and he eventually gave up. He didn’t renewal his aesthetic indemnity and went back to Dentistry. 


Then one day, he decided to educate himself on marketing, sales and human psychology and his aesthetics business sky rocketed. In fact it went so well, he decided to quit Dentistry and solely focus on facial aesthetics, which he has been doing for the last 10 years. He realised that the one thing that stopped him was the incorrect ‘marketing mix’ which was different to the one he was using to attract dental patients. 


BTC is truly focused to help dentists to grow their facial aesthetics business. He is now on a mission to help empower over 10,000 dentists to grow their facial aesthetics business.


11 Tates Way
United Kingdom



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