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In a sphere of its own!

06 Sep 2021

In a sphere of its own!

In a sphere of its own!
Tokuyama are the only composite manufacturer to use patented spherical filler particles within their composite materials. Each variant utilising spherical particles of different diameters to maximise their optical and physical properties for the desired indication.

In addition to optimised optical properties resulting in enhanced aesthetic restorations, Tokuyama’s spherical filler particles offer other significant advantages compared with the irregular shaped filler particles used by all other manufacturers. They are quicker and easier to pack into nooks and crannies, reducing the risk of voids; easier to sculpt and carve, producing enhanced morphology of the final restoration; and a much smoother surface finish which has a natural high sheen that requires minimal if any polishing.

Tokuyama’s development of spherical filler particles has culminated in Omnichroma the world’s only colourless universal composite. It is the only universal composite that can match every tooth colour no matter what shade of white.

In addition to all the inherent advantages associated with Tokuyama’s patented spherical filler particles, employing Omnichroma within your Practice means freedom from time-consuming and subjective shade-matching procedures; money saved on overheads and reduced waste from expired rarely used Vita shades; and no need to replace restorations after tooth bleaching.

These benefits were recognised by the Dental Advisor in their 2020 Top and Preferred Product Award Winners where there were only two products in the Innovative Products Of The Year category, both from Tokuyama. One was Omnichroma and the other was Tokuyama Universal Bond, which does not require any light curing step, saving time and reducing the risk of failed restorations due to inadequate curing.

For more information about the complete Tokuyama range, including Omnichroma, contact your local Trycare Representative, call 01274 885544 or visit www.trycare.co.uk.

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