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Toothpaste for naughty boys and girls whatever their age!

06 Sep 2021

Toothpaste for naughty boys and girls whatever their age!

Toothpaste for naughty boys and girls whatever their age!
Conventional fluoride toothpastes only deliver fluoride for a maximum of 90 minutes, whatever their fluoride content and provided the patient does not rinse. Biomin F toothpaste remains active for up to 12 hours, continuously releasing fluoride throughout this time to strengthen teeth and protect against decay. This applies even if the patient’s toothbrushing technique is erratic and less efficient. Consequently Biomin F is the perfect toothpaste for naughty boys and girls whatever their age!

Available from Trycare, the UK’s fastest growing dental dealer, Biomin F utilises the latest bioglass technology to deliver controlled fluoride release to harden teeth against acid attack and reduce sensitivity, including scaling and post-bleaching sensitivity, a problem that reduces patient acceptance of this highly profitable revenue stream.

BioMin F contains bioglass particles which are so fine the patient cannot feel them. These tiny particles, average particle size 5 micron, are made up of fluoro calcium phosphosilicate bioactive glass which bonds to the teeth and enters the dentinal tubules, where they gradually dissolve over a period of up to 12 hours, slowly releasing calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions. These work in concert with saliva in the mouth to form fluorapatite, which is 10 times more resistant to acids than hydroxyapatite. Consequently they strengthen the teeth, aid effective remineralisation of the enamel and prevent fluid flow through the dentinal tubules (hydraulic conductivity) which triggers sensitivity.

Patients also report that their teeth feel smoother and cleaner, that they notice an absence of background oral sensitivity and that their gums are healthier and less prone to bleeding.

Starting the remineralisation process ahead of treatments such as scaling, root planing and whitening means the enamel begins strengthening in advance. Brushing with BioMin F immediately after treatment has been shown to halt the development of sensitivity, starting to take effect rapidly after brushing.

BioMin F is a genuine Practice builder enabling patients to enhance their smile and improve their oral health and comfort. It is the only toothpaste approved by the Oral Health Foundation for sensitivity relief and remineralisation.

For patients who do not wish to use a fluoride-containing toothpaste, but suffer from sensitivity and loss of mineral, BioMin C has been developed. BioMin C develops hydroxyapatite on the tooth surfaces, blocking exposed dentinal tubules, and has been shown to be more effective than other sensitivity toothpastes.

For further information visit the Trycare website, www.trycare.co.uk/biomin, contact your local representative or call 01274 885544.

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