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Reveal® Aligners

Reveal® Aligners

Henry Schein Dental Stand: E72

Reveal® Clear Aligners offer a new solution for general practitioners to provide reliable orthodontic treatment to their patients that is both comfortable and aesthetic. With in-office implementation support and access to an array of unique marketing services, Reveal® can help dentists compete against direct-to-consumer aligner companies and grow their practices.


Four simple, clear reasons why Reveal® will benefit you


Aligner clarity

Clearer than other aligners with less discolouration, clouding or yellowing over time

Fewer or no attachments

Truly intimate fit to the tooth provides more tooth contact, producing high retention and reducing the need for unsightly attachments

Optimised trim

Engages the gingival margin at the top of the tooth and captures the interproximal soft tissue areas to reduce slippage and reduce the need for retention attachments.

Web-based portal

Intuitive, simplified case submission portal lets us do the treatment plan, to support you in treating your patients


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