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Anil Sokhi

Anil Sokhi

Practice Consultant, DE Finance
With a BSc in Biomedical Science and a background in Sales, Anil’s experience expands over several sectors which include social, healthcare, and financial services. Anil successfully navigated a portfolio of private and high net worth clients through a highly volatile Forex market, implementing a range of hedging options and risk management strategies to execute high-reward low-risk trades with his brokerage service. Since joining DE Finance as a Finance Broker Anil has played an integral part in several practice transactions. From establishing budgets, performing stress tests, submitting bespoke bank proposals, and providing tailored finance solutions for complex refinance cases with deal sizes exceeding £2m, Anil has guided many first-time and experienced buyers to completion. Passionate about people, Anil prides himself on his ability to build rapport and maintain long-standing, meaningful relationships with a range of clients and stakeholders, helping them to achieve their business goals.

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