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Fiona Ellwood

Fiona Ellwood

Executive Director, Society of British Dental Nurses
Fiona is an experienced dental professional and has a broad but interrelated range of qualifications and fields of practice, which are important to the whole dental team. She also co-edited a recent textbook for dental nurses. Fiona was the first DCP to gain the (Hon) Fellowship from FGDPUK RCS England and one of the early recipients of the Fellowship of DTF RCS Edinburgh. She has also been the driving force along with the Dental Professional Alliance to bring Mental Health Wellness in Dentistry to fruition. Fiona is also one of the co-founders of the International Federation for Dental Assistants and Nurses and Human Factors in Dentistry. She continues her work with the GDC and is a trustee for Dentaid and supports the education side of Mouth Cancer Foundation. A trained and practicing mentor and an advocate for dental nurses and nursing, and dental nurse historian. This is simply a snapshot of Fiona.

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