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Patricia Langley

Patricia Langley

Chief Executive, Apolline Dental Compliance
Dr Pat Langley is the Chief Executive of Apolline Dental Compliance which she founded in 2010 to help and support dental practices in all matters relating to regulatory compliance. Prior to Apolline, Pat spent 25 years in practice, 16 years at Denplan, 7 years as Group Clinical Director at Oasis Dental Care, and 8 years as Chief Dental Officer at Dentex. The team at Apolline are all experienced in what the regulators require and provide in-practice support alongside comprehensive compliance management software. Quality, accuracy, professionalism, and integrity run through everything Apolline does and the company collaborates with and forms strategic partnerships with like-minded equipment and service providers such as Hague Dental and W&H to ensure their clients get the best possible service and support for all their needs.

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