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Why Events?

Why Events?

You can't beat face-to-face

These findings are from a psychological study of the power of live, face-to-face marketing.

1. Live Competes Hard Against (And Beats) 
One in three people experience an uplift in positive attitudes after attending an event, versus only one in four people experiencing the standard uplift to a 30 second TV advert.   

2. Live Is Best Form Of Marketing 
Before a show, 32% of visitors viewed events as the 'best marketing as you can interact and compare to others', but this rose dramatically to 74% post-show, including an uplift in positive sub-conscious feelings for one in five people.   

3. Live Fuels Sales Uplift 
After experiencing a brand at a trade event, 28% more visitors indicated 'I would like to buy it' (16% implicitly), with 29% at a consumer event (19% implicitly).
4. Live Informs Customers In Detail About Purchasing Decisions 
Before an event 36% of visitors say attendance 'makes it easier to decide to buy', but after an event this doubles to 76%, with one in five visitors showing an implicit/sub-conscious gain. Meanwhile 50% of visitors expected the event to be the 'best place to find out new things', with this rising to 85% after an event.   

5. Live Turbo-Powers Brand Engagement For Consumers 
After attending an event, almost three times as many people (74% compared to starting point of 27%) thought that events 'let you be more open minded about what brands offer'. There was a strong implicit gain of 23% on this statement.   

Interestingly, there was a one in five subconscious gain in people stating that brands at a show were 'one I aspire to' after attending and a third of visitors went on to believe a brand is 'the best-known brand in its field' after attending an event.   

6. Live Builds And Strengthens Relationships With Corporate Customers 
An additional 37% of visitors to a trade event believed 'experiencing a business first-hand makes it more memorable', with one in five believing this implicitly post-event.   

7. Live Breeds Knowledge, Insight and Contacts 
37% of visitors believed a trade event would be the 'best way to meet new contacts', rising to 71% post-event. Likewise, from an opening 38% of visitors believing they will 'find out new things', that number was more doubled to 80% post-event.

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