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Why Exhibit?

Why Exhibit?

Dentistry Show London has been designed to provide ROI levels that have not previously been available in the sector.

Dentistry Show London provides a terrific platform for the industry to talk directly to hundreds of ‘purchase capable’ delegates specifically about their needs and should present lots of sales opportunities.

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Don't just take our word for it...

Get in front of future and existing clients

With thousands of dental professionals walking through our doors every year ready to have meaningful conversations and open business opportunities, you have an unrivalled opportunity to get your products and services in front of current and prospective clients. Decision-makers are actively looking for new products and services.










Why exhibit at Dentistry Show London?

Dentistry Show London offers a unique platform for businesses like yours to connect, showcase, and engage with a diverse and influential audience in the dentistry industry. Here's why you should consider exhibiting with us:

Broaden Your Reach:

Connect with over 4,000 delegates from across the South East, including affluent dentists and practice owners. Expand your network, establish new relationships, and reinforce existing ones.

Engage with Decision-Makers:

A significant 81% of our audience are practice owners and decision-makers. By exhibiting at Dentistry Show London, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with these key industry figures, showcasing your products and services to individuals who have the capacity and intent to invest.

Showcase Your Brand:

Elevate your brand's visibility and credibility by showcasing your products or services on a grand stage. Our event serves as a great opportunity to launch new products, demonstrate your offerings, and stand out in a competitive market.

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​​​​​​Educational Environment:

Dentistry Show London is renowned for its high-quality educational content. This focus on learning attracts an engaged, professional audience interested in discovering the latest industry trends, innovations, and products.

Access 'Purchase Capable' Delegates:

Our show's audience isn't just large—it's highly targeted. Gain unparalleled access to 'purchase capable' delegates looking to invest in solutions that meet their specific needs.

Nurture Relationships:

Strengthen relationships with existing clients and forge new ones by providing memorable, face-to-face experiences. Personal interactions can lead to long-term loyalty and business growth.

Benefit from Our Support:

Our team is dedicated to providing exhibitors with comprehensive support, from booking to booth setup. Our commitment to your success ensures a seamless and rewarding exhibiting experience.

Garner Feedback and Insights:

Post-event, benefit from the feedback and insights gathered, helping you evaluate your performance and strategise effectively for future events. In an increasingly digital world, face-to-face interactions are more valuable than ever. Dentistry Show London offers you this invaluable opportunity to connect with your target audience in a dynamic and engaging environment. We invite you to join us and experience the multitude of benefits that come with exhibiting at our event.

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What our Exhibitors say

  • “It's a great show to exhibit at. You get to meet and network with everyone within the industry. You get to meet new customers, and most importantly display your new product lines. The Dentistry Show Event App was really easy to use and navigate. We were able communicate with some customers pre-show, so it was nice to know who was going to actually visit our stand before the doors actually opened, All the information about the show is in one place, lectures, all the exhibitors, and everything happening over the next two days."
    Michael Reichel Europe Sales Manager, Orascoptic
  • “This was our first show in the UK, and it's been fundamental for us because we can connect with our customers, the dentists, and the orthodontists to talk about our innovation and technology, about what we can bring to them, and also hear from them firsthand about their feedback and experience with other brands. I love the show. We've been using the event app to connect with people and arrange meetings with them. People were coming to our stand, because they found out more information about us from the app. We have already signed up for next year. We're looking forward to it, next year will be even bigger.”
    Mounir Atassi, Senior Commercial and Marketing Manager, ClearX
  • “The show caters for everybody. Whether you're looking for equipment, suppliers, or people like ourselves, you can come here and it's a one-stop shop. There are great communications sent out ahead of the show so those who are coming to make purchases can see who they can meet. We've had an amazing time here. See you next year."
    Katrina Rees Area Manager, Practice Plan
  • “We've getting great engagement from the profession, lots of people asking for information on our latest products, really getting into detail about the technology and how this can benefit their patients. It's been brilliant. I think this show is such a fantastic opportunity for people to get out of their surgery, out of their clinical doors, and engage with each other in peer-to-peer communication and networking, but also to make sure they're staying up-to-date with all the new technologies and products that are on the market. As a brand like Colgate, it is an amazing opportunity to speak to as many people as we can over a very short period, making sure we're raising awareness of new products, reminding them of our existing products and technology, and reinforcing why Colgate products are brilliant and bring great incremental benefits to their patients.”
    Jess Hulme Professional Group Brand Manager, Colgate-Palmolive
  • "Dentistry Show London is really important. Falling in October it gives us a great opportunity to meet clients face-to-face, to launch new products, to experience everything. It's no longer just at the start of the year, we have got something at the end as well. It really drives business growth and give us the opportunity to speak to our customers face-to-face. ”
    David Rutherford Customer Success Consultant, Dentally
  • "This is currently the only show I regularly attend in the London area. It's really great to catch up with people particularly those who are based in London and the southeast who make the effort to come to ExCel. It's also the only show of this size in the autumn calendar, which means you get a lot of networking for people that you may not see for another six months or so. Dentistry Show London's always been great for us, and we're pleased to be back here this year."
    Luke Moore Owner Director, Dental Elite

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